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Understand your legal responsibilities as a co-signer
Before you decide to cosign for an individual facing legal issues, you need to make sure you trust the person you are signing for. If the individual fails to show up for a scheduled court appearance, the full collateral and bail bond amount will be your responsibility to pay back.
By signing as the co-signer, you take full legal responsibility for the individual you are helping to bail out. You are also responsible for making sure the individual makes it to court and if the individual misses their court appearance, then the cosigner is responsible for turning the individual over to the court system.
Take the responsibility and become a co-signer
Man and woman holding bars — bail bond services in Longview, WA


Get the peace of mind you need
When you need a quick and easy way to locate a person in jail, you should start here. Use the Lewis County and Clark County jail rosters to search for your loved one. The jail rosters also share with you the persons ID number, arrest date, warrant and citation numbers, arresting agency, bond type, bond amount and a description.


Make sure you know when you need to be in court
Whether you need to double check, lost the information or need to find out when the court date is, you can follow the link at the bottom of the page and find your court date.
Missing a court date is a very serious matter. You will immediately have a warrant out for your arrest, added charges to your case and your bail bond will be revoked.
Don't miss your court date
When you or a loved one needs to check when you have to appear in a district or municipal court, you can use this link to Washington Courts

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